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Florida is famous for incredible emerald waterways and bright sunshine. Whether you live here or you're visiting our shores as a guest, chances are you and and your family has been on or in an ocean, lake, gulf or river for recreation. On virtually every warm holiday weekend, Florida's sandy white beaches are dotted with tourists and locals soaking in the rays and riding the waves.

Though it's fun to sail, ski, and go wave running, waterways are like highways. Navigating them takes skill, care, and careful observance of certain safety precautions if you'd like to avoid a catastrophe. Watercraft carry their own set of risks when in use, just like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. There are mechanical precautions to consider. Oil and gasoline leaks could trigger an explosion, or at least make it difficult to return from the voyage in a timely manner.

Common Injuries

Boating accidents can leave victims with serious and lasting injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, skull fractures, lacerations from propellers or other equipment, broken bones, amputations, dislocations, or burns.

Who is Legally Responsible for the Boat?

In the state of Florida, a vessel's captain (or official driver) is legally liable for the safety of each soul on board. When you consider variables like weather, the condition of the surf, the condition of the boat, and the skill it takes to navigate a ship around bridges, docks, rock formations, other ships, and people in the water, it's best to have someone who is highly trained and experienced behind the helm.

Compensation for Accidents on the Water

The Law Firm of Craig Gibbs represents the victims of all kinds of boating and watercraft-related accidents and collisions. If you suffered injury while traversing a Florida waterway, in certain circumstances, you could be eligible to collect monetary damages.

We will use everything at our disposal to investigate the circumstances of your case, review each detail, and assess the current and ongoing severity of your injuries. We will meet with you personally and work with you to build an airtight case against the negligent, at-fault parties. This includes pursuing a settlement or jury award to cover your lost wages, hospital expenses, future surgeries, ongoing care, medical equipment, medications, and pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one died in a boating accident, your family may be entitled to additional damages to cover hospital expenses, burial and funeral costs, loss of companionship, support and services, and loss of earning potential (if the family member was an income provider). We've successfully represented many surviving families in accident cases.

Free Initial Consultation

If you were hurt on a Florida waterway, please take a moment to call us at 904-396-4499 or fill out the simple contact form on this site. We will review your case, offer an honest assessment, and provide you with outstanding legal representation.

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