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Insurance Settlement Strategies

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The personal injury attorneys of the Jacksonville Law Office of Craig Gibbs represent individuals from Flagler, Clay, Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns counties who have been injured in accidents. Our legal team has earned a reputation for being tough negotiators by winning large settlements and recoveries for our clients. Part of the reason for our lawyers’ success in personal injury litigation is the singularly methodical approach we take with each personal injury case. When you retain the services of the Law Office of Craig Gibbs, you’ll know that your settlement negotiation is in competent and experienced hands—performed by an attorney, not a case manager.

Insurance Settlement Strategies in the State of Florida

Most of the time when an individual is in an accident—whether it involves a car or truck collision, a motorcycle crash, a slip and fall, or medical malpractice—the party responsible for paying the damages is an insurer. This is both good and bad for the plaintiff. On the one hand, insurance companies are represented by professional lawyers and adjustors who understand the nature of personal injury claims. On the other, because of their experience in accident litigation, insurance company lawyers can often be very tricky with their settlement strategies.

Insurance companies generally recognize the potential to have to pay a large some of money to an injured client. Their best chance at settling for a lower amount is to get to the injured party before he or she can retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer—like the ones that you will find at the Duval County Law Office of Craig Gibbs. With the intention of limiting damages, an adjustor or insurance company lawyer will approach the injured party with an offer and write a check immediately to cover his or her medical expenses. To someone who was just hospitalized after a car accident or a bad slip and fall, this fast money may seem like a good deal, but when one calculates the financial impact of a hospital stay, doctors bills from follow-ups, medication, physical therapy, lost wages, and pain and suffering, the initial offer begins to seem inadequate. Furthermore, settlement offers typically come on the condition that you sign a waiver of all claims or damages . So, if your bills keep piling up, you no longer have recourse against the insurance company or its insured. Oftentimes, the insurance company attorney will even tell you that this is a one-time offer and if you don’t take it, you may receive nothing. Our experience as personal injury lawyers is that initial offers are always substantially lower than they should be, and the insurance companies are always willing to negotiate to avoid litigation.

The Advantage of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Our recommendation at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs is not to accept an initial offer, to not give a statement, nor sign papers until you’ve spoken to one of our personal injury attorneys. We view insurance companies’ initial offers as their starting position. Once we’ve carefully reviewed the facts of the case, we will approach the insurer with a higher, more realistic counter-demand to settle. While no attorney can ever guarantee a settlement amount, and every case is different, our experience has shown that, even after contingency fees are deducted, the settlements that we negotiate are several times higher than the original insurance company offers. Don’t settle for an initial offer that fails to fully reimburse you for your losses. Have the personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs negotiate your settlement.

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