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Taxicab Accidents

Jacksonville, Fl Personal Injury Lawyer Representing Injured Taxi Cab Passengers

Many residents and visitors in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities rely on taxicabs as a convenient and presumably safe way to get around Duval County, or to travel to and from their homes or hotels. Most people assume that when they enter a taxi they are in the hands of a well vetted, professional driver. While there may be some degree of truth in this, cab drivers are human beings, and therefore, just as susceptible to human error when on the Florida roadways as any other driver. The personal injury lawyers of the Jacksonville Law Office of Craig Gibbs represent passengers who have been injured in taxicab accidents.

Personal Injury Attorneys and Taxi Accident Claims

Taxicab companies assume the responsibility for their passengers’ welfare from the moment that they enter the cab until they exit at the end of their journey. That means that the taxi company is responsible for any breach in safety—traffic violations, speeding, unsafe equipment, et cetera—that results in the injury of a passenger. Taxicabs and the companies that own taxis must carry insurance policies that protect not only the company, but the driver and passengers as well. That means that if you have been injured in a taxi crash, you can make a claim against the cab company’s insurance company for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other expense that you incur that is related to those injuries, even if the cab driver was not at fault in the collision. Let the personal injury attorneys of the Duval County Law Office of Craig Gibbs file a claim on your behalf.

Why Use a P.I. Lawyer when Dealing With Insurers?

The insurance companies who cover taxicabs in the state of Florida are no different than other auto liability insurer in that their objective is to sell policies and limit the dollar amount of settlements that are paid out on claims. If you are injured in a taxi collision, you will probably be approached by the insurance company’s adjustor or attorney with an initial settlement offer within twenty-four hours. And for someone who was just injured in a taxi crash, the money may be very tempting. The reality is, however, that initial settlement offers are usually a fraction of what our personal injury lawyers would be able to get you for your injuries and expenses. Before you sign anything or accept money from an insurance company or their lawyers, contact the Jacksonville, FL Law Office of Craig Gibbs at (904)396-4499.

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