Car Accidents as a Result of Manufacturer Negligence and Road Design

Car Accidents as a Result of Manufacturer Negligence and Road Design

Personal Injury Litigation Lawyers Of Jacksonville For Car And Truck Design Defects

When car accidents occur on the highways and roadways of northern Florida, it is almost always the fault of at least one of the drivers. But a manufacturer or design defect in a vehicle can cause an accident even when all of the parties involved are operating their vehicles in a safe and lawful manner. If you’ve been involved in an accident that you believe may have been the result of a mechanical failure or a defect in the vehicle—even if the police determined that you were the at-fault driver—the personal injury litigation lawyers of the Law Office of Craig Gibbs may be able to help you recover your damages. Contact our Duval County law office to discuss your claim.

Civil Liability and Car Defect Litigation in the State of Florida

All motor vehicle product liability cases hinge on the answers to two questions:

  • Was there a defect in the vehicle that contributed to the cause of the accident?


  • Was there a defect in the vehicle that increased the severity of the damages?

If the answer is yes to either or both of these questions, you should be able to recover damages from the auto manufacturer.

Types of Car Manufacturer Defects

FL personal injury law divides product defects into three categories:

  • Manufacturer’s Defect – This occurs when the design of the vehicle is safe, but an error during production cause a single car or group of cars to be rendered dangerous. An example would be a brake line being improperly installed.
  • Design Defect – When a car manufacturer develops a car with an unsafe feature, it is a design defect. Sometimes the manufacture recognizes the defect and orders a recall. Other times, an accident or series of accidents demonstrate the design defects and people are injured as a result. Few sectors have been plagued by as many design defects as auto manufacturing and car companies are frequently the defendants in class action lawsuits.
  • Failure to Provide Adequate Warning – This type of liability is rare in manufacturing negligence cases, as most people are aware of the general capabilities of automobiles. This occurs when the product works in the way in which it was designed, but the consumers have not been properly informed of the dangers.

Professional Product Liability Litigation Attorneys for Personal Injury Cases

Whether your accident was caused by a malfunction that was unique to your vehicle, or the model car that you drive has been deemed to be unsafe and you wish to join a class action lawsuit, the attorneys of the Law Office of Craig Gibbs can help. To schedule an appointment with one of our car accident personal injury lawyers, call our Jacksonville, FL law office at (904)396-4499.