Wrongful Death Resulting From Car Accidents

Wrongful Death Resulting From Car Accidents

Traffic Crash - Wrongful Death Personal Injury Lawyers of Northern Florida

A car crash is a devastating way to lose someone you love. There is simply no way to emotionally prepare oneself for the wrongful death of a family member who has been involved in a car accident—nor are there very many people who are ready to deal with the resultant financial impact. Nothing can bring back a parent, child, or spouse who has been killed in a motor vehicle collision, but if you are a survivor of the victim, you can recover damages from the at fault parties or their insurance companies. The personal injury attorneys at the Jacksonville based Law Office of Craig Gibbs can help you recover damages for the death of family member. If you have lost someone in a car, truck, or motorcycle crash anytime in the past, contact our Duval County personal injury office to discuss your case.

Wrongful Death Motor Vehicle Accidents in Florida

According to the Florida Integrated Report Exchange System’s statistics, over the past five recorded years there have been six hundred motor vehicle crashes that have resulted in fatalities in Duval County alone. When you incorporate the fatality statistics for car crashes in the surrounding counties (Clay, Putnam, St. Johns, et cetera), that figure nearly doubles—with each accident representing a horrible tragedy for some family. If you are a surviving family member of the victims of a wrongful death car accident, the state of Florida allows you to recover compensatory and maybe even punitive damages—particularly if your household relied on the victim for financial support and services.

The Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Suits in Florida

No one understands better what you are going through than the personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs. It is important, however, that you don’t delay in contacting our Jacksonville office to initiate your case. The statute of limitations in wrongful death lawsuits is typically two years from the date of death. Additionally, lengthy delays can cause critical physical and testimonial evidence to be lost or spoiled. When you contact our personal injury team about your wrongful death lawsuit, our veteran attorneys will immediately begin collecting reports, interviewing witnesses, and contacting vehicle accident reconstruction experts and perform other actions to assist your potential recovery from the tragic event. Our aim is to prepare your case in a manner that allows you the time you need to grieve—while we seek a full recovery from your loss.

Plaintiff Lawyers for Motor Vehicle Wrongful Death Suits

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs have represented families of Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau counties in seeking justice for the loss of their loved ones through the civil courts. Our litigation lawyers have a reputation for obtaining large jury awards and negotiating substantial settlements. To schedule an initial consultation at our Jacksonville law office, call (904)396-4499.