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Choose Your Auto Accident Lawyer Carefully

Jacksonville car accident and personal injury accident law firms spend copious amounts of money on television advertisements in the hope that they’ll get your business. Sadly though, most injured people who consult these firms never meet the man or woman who made such encouraging promises on their TV screens. In their initial visit to the firm, they instead meet with an investigator who has little to no legal training. Once a lawyer evaluates their case, it is assigned to a case manager.

That kind of method of securing clients is what makes personal injury law downright impersonal. At the Law Office of Craig Gibbs, in Jacksonville, we do things differently. We believe in a better way. Our attorneys treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

Skilled, Passionate Advocates For The Injured

We understand that every car crash represents a negative turning point in someone’s life. When you walk through our doors or when we personally visit you, you will directly meet with a personal injury attorney who will listen to you as you tell your story. Your attorney will handle your case from the first “hello” to the reaching of a verdict or settlement.

We are here to get to know you, answer your questions, help you obtain optimum medical care and pursue full compensation on your behalf.

Our Founder’s Strong Background In Personal Injury and Insurance Cases

Firm founder Craig Gibbs has spent more than 33 years helping people injured in auto accidents.

Prior to becoming an attorney, he worked as a claims adjuster with one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. His insider background offers clients a unique perspective and a powerful advantage when it comes to pursuing automobile accident claims.

Pursuing Compensation For People Injured In Accidents

Injuries affect people in different ways. For example, a broken leg doesn’t have the same sort of impact on an office worker as it would on a plumber or a construction worker. As your lawyers, we become part of your world while your case is in process. That means we do our best to learn:

  • Who you are and what your life was like before the accident
  • How the crash has affected you and your family
  • Why the accident happened in the first place
  • What can be done to truly help

We will investigate the accident, go over each detail, take a thorough inventory of the physical and emotional harm done and construct a powerful, convincing case on your behalf. As we pursue optimum results via settlement or jury award, we will stay in close contact and keep you fully informed.

Schedule A Free Attorney Consultation

If you were hurt in a car, pickup truck, minivan, convertible or SUV and you’d like to speak to a lawyer, not an investigator or a case manager about recovering monetary damages for your accident, please call 904-396-4499 or fill out the simple contact form on this site.

We are conveniently located just across the Main Street Bridge in the Hanania building, overlooking the beautiful St. Johns River on the south bank of downtown Jacksonville.