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The Law Office of Craig Gibbs proudly uses over four decades of experience with personal injury cases to serve our community.

Attorney Craig Gibbs

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Walking In Our Clients’ Shoes

At The Law Office of Craig Gibbs, we’re firm believers in treating our neighbors in the community the way we treat ourselves. Using our firm principle, we work hard at establishing a close connection with our personal injury clients. Knowing what has brought them to our office gives us the motivation and the insight to do our job to the best of our abilities. Whether they’ve been injured in an accident on the road, on the job or more, our team of personal injury lawyers has over 40 years of combined experience, an established track record of success and an enduring bond with our clients.

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Continuous Support For Your Injury Case

No two personal injury accidents are alike. Car collisions are invariably different from motorcycle crashes. Vehicle accidents vary greatly if a pedestrian or bicyclist is involved. Slip-and-fall incidents bear no similarity to medical malpractice cases. Despite the variance of these situations, one thing remains clear: You need support and representation in the aftermath of an unfortunate circumstance. Our attorneys make a point of listening to our clients so we can understand how their accident or legal issue affects their lives. As we build our case and working relationship, we do our best to personally keep you informed on a regular basis, with monthly progress updates at a minimum.

We’re here to ensure you have dedicated attorneys that are ready to listen.


“Mr. Gibbs was incredibly patient and understanding about my accident. He was able to get a settlement much higher than was initially offered. Thank you.”

— Linda

“When I was hurt at my job I felt like I was being treated unfairly. Mr. Craig Gibbs and his team took over my case and I was able to get paid during recovery and received a settlement that exceeded my expectations.”

— Olivia

“I felt so lost after my accident and Craig Gibbs was able to handle my vehicle loss, medical bills and a hefty settlement to make me whole. So appreciative.”

— Lisa