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Seeking medical care immediately: Why is it so important?

| Jul 20, 2020 | Personal Injury

Seeking medical care in a timely manner is often the most important factor in determining the damages you will be awarded in the court of law. If you are involved in an auto accident, seek treatment immediately. This blog will examine why seeking treatment is so important, and help you better understand the actions you should take after an accident.

Reasons to seek medical care after an accident in Florida:

Identify Accident Injuries-

Accident victims often misjudge the severity of their injuries after the crash. And who could blame them? It is a natural part of our biology. When the human body experiences trauma, we release adrenaline as part of our “fight or flight” response. Heart rate increases, extra oxygen is provided to the muscles and brain. We literally become “super” versions of ourselves to survive the situation. This human instinct that’s kept us alive since the beginning of time, is the same response triggered by your brain as your accident starts to unfold. With this in mind- it’s easy understand how an accident victim can feel “fine” after an accident, only to discover serious injuries days later. Remember, insurance companies are not compassionate. Their job is to make money. If you fail to seek treatment right away, your insurance company can argue this is evidence your injuries are not as severe as you claim. In the end this will limit your attorney’s ability to obtain the compensation you deserve. Remember, if you are involved in an auto accident seek medical treatment immediately.

Treatment “Documents” Injuries-

Seeking treatment will uncover the full extent of your injuries, and start the process towards rehab / recovery. But it also creates official documentation for use in the court of law. This documentation is key “evidence” used by your lawyer to obtain the compensation you deserve. Symptoms that do not appear immediately, like dizziness or neck pain can be documented in subsequent visits. All in all- making it tougher for the insurance company to argue against the extent of your injuries, and easier for your attorney to get the compensation you deserve. If your injuries are visible after the accident, take pictures immediately. Keep a simple journal with pictures and descriptions of how you are managing throughout the recovery process. Your doctor and attorney will be able to assist in this process.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)-

Another reason to seek treatment immediately is PIP, or Personal Injury Protection coverage. If you do not seek medical treatment within 14 days of your accident, you will not be entitled to the $10,000 in PIP benefits required by Florida law. Insurance companies argue this tight window is necessary to avoid fraud. Yet, it more commonly results in policy holders losing coverage without their knowledge or understanding. Remember insurance companies are not your friend. We recommend all of our clients seek medical treatment immediately. If possible, that day. When in doubt, ask your attorney for guidance as Florida law relating to this matter is often revised or changed.


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