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How to avoid some most common hazards for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Motorcycle Accidents

There’s nothing quite like seeing Florida as you ride throughout this state on a motorcycle. While motorcycles can be fun vehicles, they’re not exempt from getting into motor vehicle accidents. Keep yourself safe on a motorcycle by avoiding the most common dangers motorcyclists experience.

Braking too hard

Many motorcycle crashes happen due to speeding. However, stopping your motorcycle suddenly can also cause problems. When motorcyclists have to stop quickly, they can apply too much pressure to their front brake. If this happens, the fast stopping power of this brake can quickly send a motorcyclist off their motorcycle.

Being in a driver’s blind spot

Riding a motorcycle gives you the freedom to see the world around you. With that said, people driving in larger cars don’t have the same type of view. That’s why you’ve probably heard the importance of avoiding drivers’ blind spots. Unfortunately, the smaller size of motorcycles sometimes makes them too easy for other drivers to miss.

Weather conditions

Other dangers to motorcyclists involve the weather. Rain, snow and ice can all contribute to a dry road or highway becoming dangerous places for motorcyclists. Plus, no motorcyclist wants to spend their time driving with larger vehicles splashing water and slush all over the place.

Consuming alcohol

You never want to drink and drive any vehicle, especially a motorcycle. Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment and sense of timing. Oftentimes, the combination of drinking and operating a motorcycle can lead to catastrophic accidents. You can also keep yourself safe by regularly taking your motorcycle to a trusted repair shop.