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Avoid a trucking accident by loading the trailer properly

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Truck Accident

Semitruck operators in Florida have a big responsibility as drivers and handlers of large cargo. So if you’re a truck driver, make sure that your trailer is properly loaded. There are a few main ways that a trailer can be improperly loaded, and there can be costly, and even fatal, consequences when there’s an accident from bad loading.

Types of improper loading

Improperly loaded trailers are one cause of motor vehicle accidents and one of the most common ways that a truck’s trailer is improperly loaded is when it’s unbalanced. If you place too much weight at the front, back or one of the sides, it’s more likely that the trailer will tip over. It’s also possible that all the weight at the front can cause trailer swing, and when all the weight is in the back, the front tires have more difficulty maintaining contact with the road. Another common type of improper loading is putting too much weight in the trailer, which can make it harder to stop a truck, especially when it’s going downhill. Finally, if you fail to strap down the contents of a trailer, the items inside could shift, which can cause a lot of problems associated with an unbalanced load.

Other ways to prevent truck accidents

Truck rollovers are a common type of accident, but there are some things that drivers can do to prevent accidents. For instance, staying rested and not speeding will greatly decrease the likelihood of a rollover. Additionally, performing regular maintenance checks can also decrease the likelihood that there’s something wrong with the truck or trailer that could cause a motor vehicle accident.

If you’re ever unsure of whether your truck is properly loaded and in good working condition, take the time to check because doing so could be the difference between a fatal accident and a successful truck drive and delivery.