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Steps to take after a hit-and-run

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Car Accident

Many drivers in Florida already suffer from anxiety regarding fear of what can happen on the road. Being involved in a hit-and-run, where the at-fault party leaves the scene, is one of the most traumatic experiences. Here are a few things you should do afterward.

Assess everyone’s safety

After motor vehicle accidents, including a hit-and-run, you must check yourself for injuries and ensure you are in a safe location. Next, check the safety of your passengers and anyone else involved in the accident.

If it is safe, move your car out of the traffic flow. If this is impossible, try to move away from your vehicle and get to a safe place.

Being in shock can lead to overlooking an injury. Getting a full assessment from a medical professional after an accident is essential.

Call 911

It is important to contact emergency services when dealing with a hit-and-run. Even if no one appears to be seriously injured, notifying law enforcement is vital to create a record for insurance purposes. Get a copy of the report and the responding officer’s name.

Collect information

After any car accident, it is important to compile information as soon as possible. Write down the location and time of the accident. Get pictures of your vehicle and the scene of the accident. Jot down anything you can remember about the other driver and their vehicle.

Don’t leave the scene

You may feel tempted to follow the other driver after being involved in a hit-and-run. However, doing so will put you in danger. Additionally, leaving the scene of a car accident is a crime. Stay there until the police arrive.

The safety of everyone involved is of utmost importance after any car accident. Try to stay calm and document everything. This will help when making the police report and filing an insurance claim.