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Why there are more wrecks in the summer

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Car Accident

Florida usually has more highway accidents during the summer than at other times of the year. Several factors may contribute to this increase.


Weather is unpredictable in Florida during the summer. Even a little rain mixed with the oil on the roadways can leave them slick. Therefore, there can be more accidents.

Intoxicated drivers

Outdoor celebrations often lead people to drink more. Additionally, when a person gets dehydrated, they get drunk faster. Then, if they get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they may end up in a motor vehicle accident.

More teen drivers

There are more teen drivers during the summer as they are not in school. Additionally, they often stay out later. Since they are just learning to drive, they cause more accidents.


The extra daylight hours of summer make it easy to lose track of time. Then, drivers stay out beyond their usual bedtime, which can fatigue them while driving. Additionally, many people do things in the summer that they do not do during the remainder of the year, which can quickly drain their energy.


Since children are not in school, many people go on vacation in the summer, which means they are driving in areas that they are unfamiliar with, which can lead to more accidents. Additionally, when traveling, getting distracted by sights outside of your daily routine makes it easier to lose focus on the road.

Road construction

Many city, county and state road departments find summer a great time to fix highways. This can slow down travel and lead to traffic jams. Car accidents also occur because drivers try to go around construction.

Summer is a great time to go for a drive. Just ensure you focus on the road so you do not get into an accident.