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Points about sharing roads with motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles remain popular vehicles in Florida, and many bike enthusiasts prefer their two-wheel commutes over driving a car. However, motorcyclists must be careful when riding due to the increased dangers. They are not inside the heavy frame of a pickup truck and lack the protections other vehicles have during collisions. That said, drivers should follow safety-conscious steps to share the road with motorcyclists. Doing so may cut down on collisions.

Sharing roads with motorcycles

Motorcyclists could give hand signals to let others know whether they intend to turn when stopped at a light. They may use hand and turn signals together for added safety. If there’s an object on the road, a bike could make a hand signal revealing intentions to stop. Since the motorcyclist reveals intentions, drivers checking for hand signals may avoid miscues or collisions.

Of course, a driver has to see a motorcyclist to know what the person is doing. Unfortunately, motorcycles might end up in blind spots. Drivers who know to check blind spots might avoid hitting a bike when changing lanes.

Keeping an eye out for motorcycles when opening a door while parked or pulling out of a parking space seems fundamental. Yet, drivers might forget fundamental safety steps and regret what happens.

Negligence and motorcycle crashes

Deadly motorcycle accidents could happen when a driver does not look before turning at an intersection. Speeding and tailgating drivers also increase the chances of catastrophic crashes. Becoming impatient with a motorcyclist and attempting risky passes may lead to injuries and a personal injury lawsuit.

Distractions could create dangers, and drivers may benefit from paying strict attention to the road, other cars and motorcycles. Using a phone behind the wheel may be disastrous.