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Daylight saving time and driver dangers

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Car Accident

Not everyone likes to travel at night, but there could be situations where driving at dusk is unavoidable. Some Florida commuters may appreciate the arrival of daylight saving time because they will get an additional hour of sunlight that could affect rush-hour traffic. On the surface, there appear to be benefits, but other issues could cause problems related to drowsiness.

Daylight saving time dangers

Current Biology reviewed statistics and data from more than 730,000 fatal auto collisions and pointed to an increase in deadly accidents after the switch to daylight saving time. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study that revealed concerning information about fatigue and car crashes. The conclusion noted that federal statistics for fatal drowsy driving accidents may be lower than the actual figure. The AAA study also suggested that accidents occurring during morning hours may derive from sleep deprivation. Some drivers might suffer from deprivation in the days after DST goes into effect.

If a driver feels drowsy, operating a motor vehicle could become dangerous. Although the person may have many years of experience driving a car, fatigue could negatively affect their performance behind the wheel.

Drowsy driving hazards

Sometimes, avoiding motor vehicle accidents involves making a split-second decision. When someone battles tiredness while driving, their mental capabilities and motor skills might suffer impairments. They might lack the ability to react quickly enough to avoid a deadly collision.

Fatigue may also lead to distractions, which could hamper a driver’s ability to operate a car. While some might believe that driving while tired is not as egregious as texting on the phone behind the wheel, the decision to drive while tired could reflect negligence.

When someone’s negligence contributes to a motor vehicle accident, the person may face a civil claim. Auto liability coverage might be enough to settle such claims.