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Suing a delivery driver

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida motorists may find the presence of delivery trucks on various streets and highways worrisome. Some delivery truck drivers might become more concerned with locating a delivery address and double-parking their vehicles than thinking about safety. Accidents could happen when drivers operate their trucks so potentially recklessly.

Delivery truck dangers

A delivery truck driver might become distracted when concerns drift more to the job than road safety. Others could drive too fast, hoping to avoid running late. Drivers who work too many hours might become fatigued. All these examples reflect the possible basis for a negligence lawsuit if the delivery truck hits someone.

Persons injured by a delivery truck might suffer bodily harm, resulting in medical bills and lost wages. They could suffer property damage in the collision as well. So, questions arise about taking legal action.

Negligence and delivery drivers

Any party whose negligence caused someone else to suffer harm or losses could face a civil lawsuit. If a delivery driver committed a moving violation before causing a motor vehicle accidents, the driver might be sued. Victims might wonder if the driver has assets, but an auto liability insurance claim could cover the losses.

Suing the delivery company might be an option if the driver was on the clock performing official company duties. An investigation may reveal further negligence on the employer’s part, such as not dismissing a driver whose past behavior on the road seemed reckless.

Whoever owns the delivery truck might face liability claims if poor maintenance contributed to the collision. Repair technicians might face civil lawsuits for poor-quality work.

Ultimately, any party whose negligence led to an accident might be liable for any harm inflicted. A civil judgment or settlement may provide the victims with just compensation.