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Correlation between car color and Florida accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Car Accident, Personal Injury

The color of your car can affect your risk of a Florida car accident. A 2019 study by the University of Dayton suggests that certain car colors are more likely to get involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Does car color affect your personal injury claim?

If you suffered an auto accident personal injury, you might decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver. Although car color might not significantly affect your claim, it could affect how the defendant’s insurance company feels about compensation.

Can car color affect compensation?

The insurance company will determine how much it will pay for your personal injury claim. And in general, the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible.

It’s not a guarantee, but the insurance company may consider the color of your car. The color of a car can increase or decrease its road visibility.

Car colors like red, white and yellow are usually easier to spot on the road. Even when the weather or lighting is bad, most drivers find it easier to see bright-colored cars. But darker cars, such as green, black or blue, are often harder to spot on the road.

Factors such as road conditions and driver behavior are possibly the most important factors in a motor vehicle accident. However, that doesn’t mean an insurance company won’t also consider the color of the cars involved.

What color is your car?

If your car is a color with a high perceived risk of an accident, the insurance company might place a smaller value on your claim. For example, say you were driving a black car on a dark road on a rainy night. The insurance company might feel you carry some responsibility for the accident and offer less compensation than you think you deserve.

The correlation between car color and accident risk can affect your claim, but it’s not a certainty. The negligence of the other driver and the severity of your injuries are likely to carry more weight than the color of your vehicle.