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Road rage and negligent driving

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accident

Not everyone has a good day when driving on Florida roads, and issues bothering someone could affect driving behavior. Regardless, being annoyed, upset, or self-centered is no excuse for road rage. When someone rages while driving, they could increase the risk of getting into an accident and hurting someone. Civil claims may follow.

Road rage behaviors

Road rage is a catch-all term for aggressive behaviors behind the wheel or even out of a car. Aggressive actions may involve yelling at other drivers or flashing obscene gestures. Sometimes, these actions could be in response to another driver’s moving violation or result from anxiety or a stressful day. Even so, drivers whose behavior may distract them or lead to impaired driving could leave them liable for a collision.

Road rage may become extremely dangerous when an agitated driver decides to use their vehicle to express their anger. Cutting off another driver or Purposely slowing down to aggravate someone may result in an accident. Extreme cases of road rage could involve someone using a car as a weapon, which could lead to criminal charges.

Consequences of road rage

Someone more concerned with cursing at another driver or making obscene gestures may not have their attention on the road. The resultant distractions might lead to going through a stop sign and hitting a pedestrian, leading to a fatality. Expect drivers to face severe legal consequences when causing fatal or catastrophic motor vehicle accidents.

Ultimately, if someone is not using care when they are behind the wheel, they could be negligent if an accident results. Evidence pointing to negligence, such as credible witness statements or video footage establishing the reckless road raging, might work against any defense to negligence claims.