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What makes pursuing lawsuits after trucking accidents so complex?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Companies near and around Florida use boats, airplanes and semi-trucks to transport their cargo. When businesses choose ground shipping, commercial motor vehicles go to work. Recent data found that 400,000 to 500,000 collisions involving large commercial trucks happen each year. If a commercial truck hits your vehicle, be prepared to go through a complicated process if you decide to sue.

Involving more parties

Victims of motor vehicle accidents have the right to make a legal claim against a driver who hit them. When another passenger vehicle hits your car, this situation involves you and another driver. After a trucking accident, you’ll be up against another driver, the company they work for and its insurance provider. Sometimes, trucking accidents also involve companies manufacturing or servicing these vehicles.

Likelihood of going to court

After two passenger vehicle drivers crash into each other, neither side typically goes to court. For one, the average person wants to avoid lengthy legal disputes that can become time-consuming and expensive.

Things are different after a commercial truck driver crashes into your vehicle. A company often has much deeper pockets than individuals taking them to court. Lengthy court sessions can drain a person’s finances while the same sum is nothing major to the opposing company.

Truck drivers follow additional laws

No matter what vehicle someone drives, they must follow local driving laws. Commercial truck drivers also must follow federally mandated regulations. For instance, Hours of Service regulations prevent drivers from endangering themselves or others by driving long periods without rest. During its 2023 International Roadcheck, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance caught over 2,000 semi-truck drivers violating Hours of Service regulations.

The size and weight of commercial vehicles can cause severe injuries or death in accidents. Fortunately, pursuing a legal claim after your collision may help you recoup medical and vehicle-related costs.