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Shoulder injuries after motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Car Accident

A car accident could leave victims dealing with injuries that could linger for quite some time. Florida commuters may experience problems with their shoulders after a crash. The severity of such injuries would vary depending on many factors. For some, their shoulder problems could contribute to issues that affect their work and even their daily routines.

Car accidents lead to shoulder injuries

Safety belts and airbags might not be enough to protect someone from harm in a vehicle crash. Some accidents involve pedestrians and bicyclists who lack the protections afforded to people inside a vehicle. Shoulder injuries might result from the crash, and they take different forms. Fractures and dislocations may result, requiring immediate and extensive medical care.

A torn rotator cuff is another injury that an accident victim may suffer. Surgery may be unavoidable for some patients dealing with rotator cuff tears. The post-surgery rehab could involve many weeks of recovery.

Impact of shoulder injuries

A shoulder injury could leave someone suffering from daily pain, and their ability to engage in everyday life activities may suffer limitations. Missing work might be unavoidable, and those who perform physical labor and tasks could face a temporary or permanent career change. Victims of motor vehicle accidents who find themselves in such a position.

Drivers whose negligent behavior caused the collision could be liable for damages. Negligent behavior may involve moving violations, distracted driving and intoxicated driving.

A civil lawsuit could help a motor vehicle accident victim recover compensation for their losses. Often, an insurance settlement may be sufficient, but there might be situations where suing for additional damages beyond policy limits seems worthwhile.