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Installing roundabouts for traffic safety

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2023 | Car Accident

Authorities in Florida may make decisions designed to reduce traffic accidents. Potentially passing laws affecting traffic rules, such as turning right at a red light, are examples. However, there are other ways local municipalities could address traffic safety. Adding more roundabouts could be one such means, although there are limitations with any steps for increased safety.

Adding roundabouts

Roundabouts are uniquely designed intersections that utilize a circular layout. With a standard Street corner, a vehicle stops at a red light or traffic sign. A roundabout involves putting a raised island in the center of the intersection and requiring vehicles to travel around it counterclockwise. The design does not cause unnecessary delays when crossing the intersection but requires the car to slow down.

The presence of a roundabout does not mean that the street corner would not have any stop signs. Combining a roundabout and a stop sign may decrease the chances of a vehicle traveling too fast or not stopping when approaching an intersection.

Accidents at roundabouts

Roundabouts may contribute a potential solution to motor vehicle accidents but cannot eliminate the possibility. Although it would be much safer for a vehicle to travel slowly through a raised roundabout, a driver could go through one at excessive speeds. Such behavior could lead to a rollover accident that hurts passengers in the vehicle and possibly hits a pedestrian. Traveling too fast at an intersection presents a risk to pedestrians and bicyclists no matter what happens to the car committing the moving violation.

Persons hurt by a driver who travels recklessly through a roundabout or anywhere else on public roads or private driveways and parking lots might file a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit could seek compensation for injuries suffered. Some might seek punitive damages based on the circumstances.