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Lawyers Recovering Compensation For People Injured In Public And Private Bus Accidents

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Craig Gibbs represent individuals who have been injured on public and private buses and those who have been in motor vehicle accidents with buses. The driver of a bus has the ultimate responsibility for the safety and well-being of his or her passengers.

If you have been injured while riding on a transportation authority bus, a school bus, a private bus line vehicle or a company-owned commuter bus or you were in a collision with a bus and you sustained an injury, our seasoned personal injury lawyers can help you collect compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call us today to discuss the accident that led to your injuries.

Contact An Attorney After A Bus Accident

Bus accidents in Florida are not limited to vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. Because of the nature of mass transportation in places like Jacksonville, many accidents can occur onboard buses that have little or nothing to do with traffic accidents. Some of the types of cases that our personal injury lawyers have handled in Duval, St. Johns, Flagler, Clay and Nassau counties include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents onboard the bus
  • Injuries occurring while boarding or exiting the bus
  • Robberies, batteries, sexual batteries and other crimes against persons riding on the bus
  • Injuries due to sudden braking or turning
  • Persons onboard injured in a motor vehicle crash
  • Pedestrians and other drivers being struck by the bus
  • Passengers injured due to improperly maintained safety equipment (i.e. seat belts, brake lights, et cetera)
  • Wrongful death caused by a bus-related incident
  • Dram shop liability cases for party buses where alcohol is served

Defending Your Right To Ride Buses Safely In Florida

Whether you are commuting on a Transportation Authority bus or your child rides a bus to school, you have a reasonable expectation of safety. When that standard is not met and injuries occur, you have a right to compensation from the at-fault parties or their insurers. The Law Office of Craig Gibbs is a resource for residents of Nassau, Duval, Flagler, Clay and St. Johns counties who need compensation for their injuries.

To determine whether your bus accident injuries entitle you to compensation, contact one of our battle-tested personal injury attorneys immediately. To schedule an appointment with one of our personal injury lawyers at our Jacksonville law office, email us or call 904-396-4499.